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  3. To-ji



In 769, To-ji Temple (east temple) and Sai-ji Temple (west temple) were founded. The role expected of these temples was keeping the nation tranquil. Kukai (a Archbishop who learned Esoteric Buddhism in China) was given To-ji Temple by Emperor Saga in 823. After that this building became the holy place of Esoteric Buddhism. Five-storied Pagoda of this temple is the highest pagoda made of wood in Japan (54.8m). A building called Ko-do has 21 sculptures of Esoteric Buddhism which are set to show the doctrine. Kobo-Ichi (street stall market) is held on 21st of each month at this temple. Kobo-Ichi was named after Kobo-Daishi (the alias of Kukai). More than 1,200 street stalls gather and around 200 thousands people visit there every month. You can find food, clothes (like Kimono), old tools and so on.