2. View the sights of Kyoto
  3. Shimogamo-jinja



Shimogamo-jinja Shrine whose shrine’s official name is Kamomiota-jinja Shrine and it is one of the oldest and historical shrine in Japan. The era of this shrine’s establishment is remained unclear, but referring to the record of fixing the fence around the shrine, it is sure that this shrine has existed since the B.C 2. In 1994, it was registered as the World Cultural Heritage. Aoi-Matsuri Festival on May 15th every year, one of three main festivals in Kyoto is held in this shrine. Mitarashi-Matsuri Festival (this festival is beautiful at night) is held in late July every year and people who have a candle in hand purify their feet by walking inside the pond of Mitarashi. This pond is known to be the origin of Mitarashi-dango, one of the popular Japanese dumplings.