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  3. Sanzen-in



Sanzen-in Temple is located in Ohara, the north east part of Kyoto city. The original one is a small hall built in Hiei-zan (Mt. Hiei) when a Archbishop Saicho constructed a hall in that mountain about 1,200 years ago. About 100 years ago, in Meji Era, this temple was moved to this place. And also, this temple is famous for its hydrangeas and autumn leaves. This temple has two different kinds of garden: Yushien, which has cedars, maples, and carpet of moss, and Shuhekien, which has a cubic effect because of the arrangement of the pond and its grid pattern. Amida-sansonzo (statue of Buddha), a national treasure, is enshrined in this temple. This temple is one of the most famous places for autumn leaves in Kyoto.