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  3. Ohkouchi Sanso Villa

Ohkouchi Sanso Villa


Ohkouchi-sanso Villa was built by Denjiro Ohkouchi (1898~1962) who was a Japanese actor. In Japan, there is a very famous anthology “The Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets” and Ogurayama (Mt. Ogura) which Ohkouchi-sanso Villa is building on is the stage of it. He was so impressed by the view from there so he was eager to keep the beauty forever. He decided to build Ohkouchi-sanso Villa as a cottage. You can enjoy the view of Arashiyama, Hozu-kyo (Hozu Valley), Hiei-zan (Mt. Hiei) and Kyoto city from Ogurayama. You can also enjoy the garden of Ohkouchi Sanso Villa with green tea.