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Nijo-jo Catsle


The construction of Nijo-jo was completed in 1626. This castle was a Kyoto villa for Tokugawa Shoguns. This castle has two moats for extra protection; one around the Honmaru Central Palace and another around the entire complex. The famous “Uguisu-bari floors (nightingale floors)” are in the Ninomaru Palace. These floors are designed to squeak like the singing of birds when you walk on them. It is said that this was to warn against intruders. The architecture and artworks are said to be the finest examples of Edo Era. Also Nijo-jo has a beautiful garden designed by Kobori Enshu, one of the most famous garden designers in Edo Era. In 1867, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last Tokugawa Shogun, returned domination to the Emperor in this castle so this is one of the most important places in Japanese history. In 1994, the castle was designated as a World Heritage Site.