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  3. Nanzen-ji



In 1264, Emperor Gosaga built his imperial villa. About 20 years from that establishment, Emperor Kameyama became a priest and transformed its temple’s name to “Nanzen-ji“, which is the currently used. In 1384, Emperor Godaigo designated the greatest five temples and this temple was chosen as one of them. Nanzen-ji Temple was ranked as the top on both high prestige of Zen temple “Five Temple in Kyoto” and “Five Temple in Kamakura”, which was enacted by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu in 1392. It was burnt down several times and was heavily damaged in the big civil wars in Kyoto which occurred in 1467. In 1605, some of the buildings were reconstructed. The San-mon gate is one of the greatest gates of temples in Kyoto and Japan.