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  3. Myoshin-ji



Myoshin-ji Temple was founded in 1337 by Kanzan Egen with the support of Emperor Hanazono. This temple is the head temple of the Myoshin-ji school of Rinzai-shu Zen Buddhism. It is vast complex composed of central worship halls and 46 sub-temples. The ceiling of Hatto (lecture hall), one of the central worship halls, has a type of painting called an “Unryu-zu” (“Dragon among the clouds”) painted in ink and color by Kano Tanyu. The sub-temple Taizo-in that has a beautiful garden with ponds is the oldest and most famous sub-temple in Myoshin-ji complex. The sub-temple Shunko-in is one of few temples in Kyoto to offer a real Zen experience to foreigners in English. Here you can experience Zazen, or Zen meditation.