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  3. Kurama-dera



Kurama-dera Temple is located in the bottom of Mt.Kurama, in north east part of Kyoto city, which is believed to be filled with spirits of gods. This temple began with to enshrine Bishamonten (Buddhist statue) there by Monseigneur Gantei in 770. Because this temple is in the old mountain, people have believed that they can revive themselves if they enter this temple. And also, this temple is famous for a legend that a famous general of late Heian Era Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune practiced there with a long-nosed goblin. In the main hall, three national treasure Buddhist statues Sanzonsonten (Bishamon-tenoh, Senju-kannon-Bosatsu and Gohou-Maou-son) are enshrined, and in other hall, several precious statues are enshrined.