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  3. Kodai-ji



Kodai-ji Temple was also called “Nene’s temple”, built by Kitamandokoro Nene, wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, to mourn her husband's death. Her strong love for Hideyoshi is sprinkled throughout the temple. They had no children but they were deeply in love with each other. The trees planted in the garden provide a delightful view of weeping cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves. You can enjoy the fantastic scenery created by the autumn leaves reflected in the pond when you visit at nighttime viewing in autumn. “Kangetsudai”, the balcony to admire the moon, where is in the middle of the covered corridor connected z”Shoin” and “Kaizando”, is designated as an important cultural asset of Japan. Nene is said to have looked at the moon from there and remembered her late husband. A wooden statue of Hideyoshi and Nene is enshrined in “Otamaya”, which is also recognized as an important cultural property in Japan, and Nene is buried two meters below her own statue. The beautiful gold or silver lacquer representative of Momoyama art known as “Kodai-ji Maki-e” is worthy of attention. There are several Teahouses with different taste in the garden including the Teahouse relocated from Fushimi-Momoyama-jo Castle where was once Hideyoshi's residence. Tea ceremonies are still held several times a year in these Teahouses.