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  3. Eikan-do Zenrin-ji

Eikan-do Zenrin-ji


Eikan-do (The official name is called Zenrin-ji Temple.) was established in 853 by a pupil of Monseigneur Kukai called Shinsho. It was named Zenrin-ji Temple and was formally approved by Emperor Seiwa in 863. The temple originally belonged to Shingon-shu sect, but around 1070, the 7th heard priest brought in the teachings of Johdo-shu sect. The famous legend of the Buddhist statue Amida Looking Back, which has unique posture with its head turning over the left shoulder spread out. The temple was completely changed into Jodo-shu from Shingon-shu by the 14th head priest. Its beautiful scenery, cherry blossoms in spring, colored leaves in autumn, attracts a lot of tourists around the world.

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