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  3. Adashino Nenbutsu-ji

Adashino Nenbutsu-ji


Adashi-no Nenbutsu-ji temple is located in northern Sagano area in north west of Kyoto city and is famous for its unique atmosphere. It is a Jodo-shu sect temple. It is a traditional graveyard which has a history since the Heian Era and there are two other main graveyards in Northern area and Eastern area of ancient capital Kyoto. It has its origin when Archbishop Kukai grieved for the irrelevant Buddha to this temple. There are more than 8000 Stone Buddha placed in this temple. There are several religious rituals held in 24th June, 23rd & 24th August, 23rd November, and on the 24th every month. All of them have different functions. Especially at the ritual of night on 23rd & 24th August, you can see fantastic landscape of all Buddha which are lighted up with fire of candles.