2. Events in Kyoto
  3. Kyo-mai, traditional Japanese dance

Kyo-mai, traditional Japanese dance


There are five ”Hanamachi – entertainment district”” in Kyoto. Dance shows are held in competition with each other in spring, in order for the Geiko (Geisha) and Maiko to show off the results of their daily dance practice. Only the “Nichi-bu” (traditional Japanese dance) by “Inoue-ryu” gruop is called “Kyo-mai” among them, so only the “Miyako-Odori” is strictly speaking Kyo-mai. However, all of them are gorgeous and beautiful, and have become traditional events in Kyoto. If you are in Kyoto at the time of the events, it is highly recommended to watch.


– Miyako Odori by Gion Koube : April 1 – April 30 at Gion Koube Kaburenjo Theater

– Kamogawa Odori by Ponto-cho : May 1 – 24: Ponto-cho Kaburenjo Theater

– Kitano Odori by Kaminashiken : March 25 – April 7: Kaminashiken Kaburenjo Theater

– Kyo-Odori by Miyagawa-cho : The first Saturday to the third Sunday in April: Miyagawa-cho Kaburenjo Theater

– Gion Odori by Gion Higashi : November 1 – 10: Gion Kaikan Theater