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  3. Kurama Fire Festival

Kurama Fire Festival


The Kurama Fire Festival, held on the evening of Jidai Matsuri Festival on October 22, is one of the annual events at Yuki-jinja Shrine in Kurama. It has more than 1,000 years of history and is one of the three strang festivals in Kyoto along with the Yasurai Matsuri Festival at Imaiya-jinja shrine on second Sunday in April and the Ushi Matsuri Festival on September 12 of the lunar calendar. Taking the one-way, non-stup route towards Kurama-dera temple, you can hear the lively call and catch a glimpse of naked young men walking around carrying a torch. The viewing area is along the road where the procession passes, so you can feel the heat of the fire so powerful by torches coming so close. Please go with wearing a warm, fireproof jacket and comfortable shoes.