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Gion Matsuri Festival Yoiyama


The Gion Matsuri Festival is an annual festival of Yasaka-jinja shrine over 1,000 years old, which lasts from July 1 to 31. The highlight of the festival is “Yamahoko-Junko” parade of floats, which takes place on July 17 for “Saki-Matsuri” and on July 24 for “Ato-Matsuri”. These events are registered to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. “Yoiyama” is held as the eve of the festival in the three days before the parade, from July 14 to 16 in “Saki-Matsuri” and from July 21 to 23 in “Ato-Matsuri”. You can enjoy to see the floats with lanterns and sound of music after sunset during “Yoiyama” period. The sacred object of the floats and other decorations are displayed, and amulets to ward off evil spirits are sold at the community hall of each floats in “Yoiyama”. Also, front lattice is removed and the parlor adorned with the treasured folding screen is opened to the public in the old-established families’ house.

Gion Matsuri Festival