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  3. Gion Matsuri Festival Yamahoko-Junko

Gion Matsuri Festival Yamahoko-Junko


The Gion Matsuri Festival is an annual festival of Yasaka-jinja shrine over 1,000 years old, which lasts from July 1 to 31. The highlight of the festival is the “Yamahoko-Junko” parade of floats, which takes place on July 17 for “Saki-Matsuri” and on July 24 for “Ato-Matsuri”. These events are registered to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The “Yamahoko-Junko” where the floats move through the streets with sound of music blaring parade departs from Shijo-Karasuma at 9:00 am in “Saki-Matsuri” and from Karasuma-Oike at 9:30 am in “Ato-Matsuri”. There are many things to see in the parade such as not only luxurious and gorgeous ornaments made of stunning embroidery and imported textiles known as “Moving Museum” but also the ritual to confirm the order of the pilgrimage and the turning of floats at the intersection. You can enjoy the parade without the crowds at the paid reserved seats are set up at Oike-dori street. In Japanese festivals, there are two rituals, welcoming the spirits of the gods and sending off of the spirits of gods. It is held in the Gion Matsuri Festival that “Shinkou-sai” carrying portable shrine from Yasaka-jinja shrine to “Otabisho” at 18:00 on July 17 and “Kankou-sai” caring portable shrine from “Otabiho” to Yasaka-jinja shrine at 23:00 on July 24.

Yamahoko-Junko of Gion Matsuri Festival